Nalys Institute of Technology

Web Applications Traineeship

Are you passionate about

Web Application development?


 At Nalys we are! Here, we have a number of Web Application experts who share their passion on a daily basis in different ways. This is why we have decided to pass this passion by introducing young graduates to the exciting world of Web Application development. But we also help our customers with specific Web Application expertise to help them achieve their projects on time! This traineeship is a strong way to share our passion for Web Application development to everyone!

  • Advanced coding in Java 8

  • Web application architecture

  • Back-end frameworks

    • Spring

    • Hibernate​

  • Front-end frameworks

  • ​Common used tools in development

  • Agile SW development

  • Rest architecture

  • ​Java persistence 

  • SW debugging

  • DevOps

  • ​Hands-on exercises

  • Virtualization

  • Cloud platforms

  • Graduation project